Thursday, 28 May 2015

copy tables with data from Current Database to another database in SQL Server Sytax

Suppose you have a table with some data in a Database A and you want to copy this data to a table in Database B .

then you should use the following syntax:

USE DatabaseB;

INTO NewTable
FROM DatabaseA.Schemaname.OldTable
Here NewTable and OldTable are two similar tables in different databases.
While handling different databases we must use fully qualified names
 to reach correct tables.

SQL Query COUNT() function syntax

Suppose you have a table, now you want to know the number of records in it. Then COUNT function will do the job.


SELECT COUNT(ColumnName) from Table_NAME;

Suppose we have a table named Table_NAME
sql result image

Now if we run query     SELECT COUNT(ColumnName1) from Table_NAME;

Output = 4
 or if we run  SELECT COUNT(ColumnName3) from Table_NAME;

Output= 2
it means if we are running count on columns then it neglects the null value columns.

If you want to know the total number of records in a table then you can simply use
SELECT COUNT(*) from Table_NAME;

SQL Query Average function syntax

Scenario: Suppose you have a everyday sales table with you and you want to know the average sale happened on a day. Then using this function you can easily get this.

Syntax SELECT AVG(ColumnName) FROM table_name;

So lets suppose i have a 30 day sales data in the table named SALE. And there is a column SalesAmount which depicts the daily sale amount. and If we want to know the average sales happened in that month. We can easily get this using:


SQL query Syntax Select all record from table

If you want to select everything from a table then use the follwing syntax:

SELECT * FROM table_name;

Here table_name is the name of the table of which you want to select the records.

This is basically see all record / data query.

How to create table in SQL Server Management Studio using SQL query

In SQL Server Management Studio, Althogh there are many ways to create a table using GUI and using query written in SQL.
So simple SQL Query to create a table


CREATE TABLE table_name
column_name1 data_type(size),
column_name2 data_type(size),
column_name3 data_type(size),

for example: 
Create table Student(
StudentID int,
LastName varchar(255),
FirstName varchar(255),
Address varchar(255),
City varchar(255)

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Fetching data from SSAS cube in MVC 4.5

I need data in my mvc app coming from SSAS cube. I am not able to open the data source connection. Firstly i was extracting it using SQLClient Data provider using a sqlconnection. I was thrown a error <{"Cannot open database \"DataBASENAME\" requested by the login. The login failed.\r\nLogin failed for user 'Domain\user'."}>
Then I changed my provider TO MSOLAP.5 in connection string. Then also i am getting same error. After a research I came to know that namespace Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient is used while connecting to analysis database. But I am not able to get the dll for it to make it a reference.
Please suggest with an example how to get it done. Requirement is data from SSAS cube needs to be fetched on MVC Application. please tell the name space and connection string and data flow if ever handled such situation. Thanks in Advance.

A Reply for connection string From DevMitra:
Connection String must be 
<add name="ConnectionStringName" connectionString="Data Source=ServerOrMachineName;Initial Catalog=DatabaseName;" providerName="MSOLAP.4" />

this is the correct string while data is need to be fetched from Analysis Services.

How to make parse float function in javascript return two decimal places

What happens when you use parseFloat() in javascript.
If you pass 10 to this parseFloat() then the output comes is just 10 not 10.00
So if you want to have output to two decimal places that is 10.00
use following


What it return is actually a string of format(##.##) when we use .toFixed(2)

Convert a number to two decimal places in SQL Server Query

Many a times we get some number(float or double) from our sql query operation. But at the end we need a two decimal number. Then how can we achieve this